About Me

I am an immigrant engineer turned entrepreneur.

Over the last decade, I went from entry-level to partner at an automotive consulting firm in the US.

To make that happen, I invested more than $20k in career development and entrepreneurship courses. I also had many industry mentors along the way.

I started Beyond Grad in 2018 to pay it forward and help my fellow immigrants with three tracks:

A] Get promoted,

B] Land a step-up job, and

C] Earn on the side. (Those who can 😬.)

How I Can Help You






Every Monday morning, you will get 1 actionable system/framework to grow the 3 main areas of income (with intention ofc) -- career growth, career change, and entrepreneurship.


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On-demand video course to teach you how to get promoted as an IC. In the pipeline -- courses on landing a step-up job (resume to negotiation) and earning on the side.


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The Deeper Why


Going from an entry-level engineer to a partner, I faced two major problems.

  1. It was lonely
  2. It was s**t difficult

And I don’t want any other immigrant to feel that way.

We, immigrants, come here with no legacy experience.

And limited understanding of how things work.

So we learn on the fly.

And while we share many strategies about visas, travel, cars, investing, etc.

We stay away from talking about our careers.

Like it’s some COVID mutant. 😷

Optimizing our career, corporate or outside, is damn difficult!

And as immigrants, we have a few more hurdles.
→ The pressure of justifying our decision to leave
→ Gaining the self-confidence that we belong in the industry
→ Working through the myriad immigration stuff at every turn

All this while decoding the game of getting jobs, getting promoted, or starting a business.

Plus, we cannot take advantage of the expertise within our family because they are thousands of miles away and have knowledge of a vastly different system.

So all of us are reinventing the wheel from scratch. Why?

I want to break the wheels and give you wings! 💸

(I am not Red, but my daughter sometimes calls me a Bull.)

That’s the reason why I started Beyond Grad!

I want to help you boost your income *with intention* beyond graduation.

So that you have a community around you and we have fun while doing serious work!