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A self-paced online course with 7 modules and 24 short, highly actionable video lessons.

I am ready to level up!

Make promotion to the next level inevitable.


✅ Build confidence and command in your career growth.

✅ Develop a repeatable system for every rung.

✅ Make the "hidden" rules your advantage. 


A course that has the potential of a 50-100X ROI with just one promotion. Think about the ROI if you count each one after that.

Who is this course for


Experienced immigrant ICs (individual contributors) who are stuck at an impact level and want to lead a project to showcase technical and people skills.


Staff or Senior professionals who are ready to be people managers but can't seem to make the jump.


Someone who gets great reviews each year but are consistently overlooked for a promotion. Which leads to immense frustration and disappointment.

What you will get inside

Module 1: Decode the Performance Review System

Why your final score is not as important as you think

  • How to understand all the players who perceive your performance in the Calibration Meeting
  • How to interpret all the variables that affect your final score
  • Why your PR score and your chance to get promoted is more disconnected than you think
See how performance reviews actually work

Module 2: The Cardinal Points for Promotion

The bedrock strategy for leveling up

  • How to make an unclear process into a repeatable system using the Cardinal Points for Promotion
  • How to strategize with your manager the areas they want you to add before leveling up.
Unlock the CPP strategy

Module 3: People Skills

Develop relationships with stakeholders and showcase next-level skills

  • How to strengthen relationships using Mentor Talks and DOPE framework
  • How to construct plans for inbound and outbound requests from teammates
  • How to build trust with your manager and skip leadership using the Trust Triangle
Build people skills as people promote people

Module 4: Communication Skills

Create communication systems that are fundamental to lead

  • How to develop clarity in thought by using Audience Lens and Tactical Tools
  • How to Close-The-Loop with stakeholders and advocates so they are invested in your growth
  • How to navigate difficult conversations at work with scripts and a way to disagree humbly
Communicate (and get paid) like a leader

Module 5: Mindset Skills

Design a top-performance mindset

  • How to embrace feedback and acing the Second Score
  • How to construct an attitude of leadership with the Mood Elevator and the Passion-Over-Ambition framework
  • How to build an Internal Locus of Control and crush Invisible Scripts
I am ready to develop my mental game

Module 6: Entrepreneurial Skills

Think and work like an in-house entrepreneur

  • How to lead with the Four Quadrant Initiative and innovate with The Golden Circle concept
  • How to work with autonomy using the Direction Setting formula and Eisenhower Matrix
  • How to diffuse work achievements and productize expertise using Positive-sum Promotion
Show me how entrepreneurship skills = promotion

Module 7: The Promotion Pitch

It’s time to make the ask — don’t wait for the performance review

  • How to create a Pitch Deck to ask for a promotion strategically and make it inevitable
  • How to plan for additional variables when going after a people managing position
I am ready to pitch for a promotion

Are you sure you're being considered for a promotion this year?

Will you be very disappointed if not this year?

You have a decade's worth of experience.

You are one of the best technical people in the group.

But all you heard last time was, “You are doing great work. But this year, unfortunately, we cannot promote you as we have limited promotions available for our dept.”

It can be frustrating to hear that.

If there are limited promotions available – why not me?

The thing is, if you are unsure till review season comes along, you are already late.

The top performers are not just technically savvy; they learn the game being played around them.

This is what this course is designed to do.

I am ready to hit these milestones!

Hear from some of my past mentees

Sukrut S.

Senior Design Engineer

Varun helped me develop into a star performer and present the results of my work on my company's goals. That led to a title promotion and a $12,000 salary increase.

Ajay S.

Architecture Configuration Engineer

When it comes to my company, I had the classic barrier -- they should recognize me for my work. From chatting with Varun I reframed the situation that it is my responsibility to go after the career I want. This, plus Varun's negotiation advice helped me get promoted to the next level which came with a 17% raise.

Narendra M.

Senior NVH Engineer

I highly recommend Varun's coaching for anyone looking to maximize their results. He helped me communicate my performance impactfully during interviews which helped me land a new job opportunity at an exciting company and a $40,000 salary jump!

Roshan K.

Advanced Battery Thermal Engineer

I knew my performance and work was excellent. But I didn't know the language. I just didn't have the tools. That's where Varun came in. With his advice, I could use frameworks to communicate my top performance. I have used these techniques not just in reviews but in job interviews as well!

I am ready to for my promotion!

Frameworks not just from me but also from my mentors.

Over 10 of my mentors, who range from CTOs to first-level managers, have shared their frustrations and advice that I call out in the course.

These managers will never risk sharing these insights publicly.

Show me the frameworks

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