Case-study: From contract job to exiticing startup role with a $40,000 hike!


I am so excited and proud to share the story of Narendra today in his own voice.

Narendra reached out to me as he was looking for a new job and wanted me to coach him through this process. We had a great time working together, he worked his ass off, was extremely coachable, and that led to awesome results for him! 

Results such as:

  • A job with an exciting company in the electric vehicle industry.
  • The security of a direct job with the company as compared to the contract position at a Fortune 500 global automaker. (Lately, you might have heard horror stories of how contractors are fired with a tap on their shoulder.)
  • A pay increase of $40,000 with added benefits and stock options!

A salary we negotiated based on all the strategies I have shared in my Ultimate Guide to Negotiating a Raise.

Narendra was kind enough to share his success with us today. In this video interview you will hear him talk about:

  • The scary story that led him to search for a new job.
  • What he did when he was getting stuck with the job search and not getting any interviews. (Hint: He invested for help.)
  • His biggest insight from the job coaching and a strategy we used that is not commonplace but gave him great results!



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