What Grandparents can teach us about investing

investing mindset

The moment we stepped out of the airport, I saw him.

He was looking around, searching for us, eyes all watery with anticipation.

He finally saw us, smiled wide, and opened his arms. His 80-year-old body was weak and weirdly strong at the same time.

The moment he picked up Myra, I could see the joy in his eyes. It reflected the love my grandfather had for his great-granddaughter.

I experienced the same amazing feeling when our parents, other grandparents, and family members held our daughter.

I was thrilled and grateful to have so many people in my life who loved her.

At the same time, I was perplexed.

Why do my parents and grandparents love my daughter so much? Why are all grandparents overjoyed at the sight of their grandkids?

So I asked my dada (grandpa), “Why were you immensely happy when I was born?”

He was silent for a minute and then replied, “Tu hamaru vyaj che,” which translated means, “You are the returns we are earning on our investment.”

For a Gujju (Indian stereotype equivalent to the Jews), his answer made complete sense.

I’ll elaborate, Gujjus love nothing more than earning interest on their investment. Haha, you might be feeling weird about me comparing a baby to earning interest. Trust me, we Gujjus are equally happy about both.

For grandparents everywhere in the world, a grandkid represents winning. They invest money, time, and effort in raising their child. And when their child gives birth to their baby, it is like earning interest on the investment they made.

So my dada saw that I was impressed by his answer, so he said, “Myra hamari vyaj nu vyaj che.” Which means that Myra is the returns they are earning on the returns they received from their initial investment.

That statement blew my Gujju mind.

Can you and I learn from our grandparents' joy and apply the same thinking in our life.

What are you investing in right now, that will give you maximum returns in the future?

The question is not limited to its literal meaning. I don’t mean buying stock or investing our money in an index fund.

It is about investing in an idea, or a skill, or a relationship, that will create a huge impact in the future.

One example for me is photography. I am investing in my photography skills so that my kid can show pictures to their grandkids and they can share a heartwarming experience.

Another example for me is this business BeyondGrad. I am investing time, money, and effort in helping a peer change their career. This change helps them design a rich life for themselves and their family. A return I would love on the investment made.



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